Payment and Security

No satisfaction with the quality of the product you received? There is nothing to be worried about. We are providing you with the best of our services.

If the product has any flaws and is not according to your requirement, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.


Following is the list of Bona fide shipping carriers, which Cloewood uses for delivery

  1. UPS 
  2. FedEx
  3. DHL

We guarantee on-time delivery of your order.

  • Free Insured shipping:

Cloewood cares for its customers. So we are providing with free shipping in the following countries:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United kingdom
  4. Australia

We are just one order away and will deliver it to your doorstep. The maximum delivery time would be 7 to 12 days. A higher-end service provides you with the tracking number once your order is shipped.

Track your order after 24 hours of shipment.

NOTE: We Provide Free Shipping on all our products.

  • Express Shipping:

Do you need your parcel on an urgent basis? Seeing customer demand, we are now providing you with even more fast delivery. You need to pay an additional 15$ to your original purchase cost. We will deliver your order within 5 to 8 working days.

Track your order by tracking number.

Terms and Conditions:

The following are the terms and conditions that you must know.


  • Valid Address:

Cloewood only accepts a valid address. Our system does not accept address containing P.O Boxes, Fleet office(FRO), or Military Post Office.

  • Tracking number:

Please track your order by tracking id, which we have provided you. It helps you to check the status of your order. If it has been lost during transit, the company is responsible for dispatching alternative products immediately.

  • Twice attempt of delivery:

If there is no receiver at the postal address to receive the parcel, the courier company will visit again. If the second attempt fails, it's the customer's responsibility to pick the parcel from the nearest courier office. 

If the customer does not receive or cancel the parcel, we will take back our product from the courier service, and in this case, our company is not responsible for your loss.

  • Service only during working days:

Saturday and Sunday are the off days. Only working days, i.e., Monday to Friday, are calculated in delivery days.

  • Weekend strategy:

Place your order anytime, but the process will be started during weekdays. If you have placed your order on Saturday and Sunday, we will start processing it on the next working day, i.e., Monday.

  • Delay due to heavy weather:

Sometimes it's hard to deliver in time due to bad weather. We will be very sorry for your inconvenience in such abnormalities and expect you to show some patience and cooperate with us.

  • Contact Courier Service:

If you did not receive your parcel. Please contact the courier service as they are having a database of shipping products.

  • Contact us to locate your parcel:

In case you don't have the tracking id of your parcel, CONTACT US at with order details.

The order number and shipping address is a must need to locate your parcel.

  • Cancel your order:

For the cancellation of the order, please call at Cloewood Customer Service at +1 802 821 0017 or E-mail at This offer is valid only for two days. Once the order is dispatched, our company is not responsible for that.

NOTE: There will be no parcel change during the live customer support chat.


For additional queries, call Cloewood customer service at
+1 802 821 0017 or E-mail at