Terms of Service

It's a moment of pleasure for us to announce the launch of our Brand, "Cloewood"  We have designed this website for better interaction with our customers. It is requested to acknowledge our policies. Accepting terms and conditions means you will follow them in any way while using our site.

Few terms are repeatedly used in our site like "us," "we," and "our" that represent the company owner. Another term, "you," is often used, which refers to our site's user.

Cloewood team offers you the best services and provides all information and guidelines to its users. Cloewood team will notify you about any future changes to policies by updating this webpage.



This website is protected by intellectual property such as copyright and trademark. And team Cloewood owns all the material and content of this site. User is only restricted to view the website content and is unable to modify any content of this website. User is not allowed to copy, reproduce, duplicate, or sell any content of our website. Any violation of the terms and conditions of Cloewood might lead to a permanent ban of the user.


It notifies you not to do the following things:

  • Please do not copy, duplicate, reproduce, or sell any content or material from our site for commercial or even personal gains.
  • It is strictly prohibited to harm our site.
  • All rights are reserved by Cloewood. So, you are not allowed to sell, trade, or sub-licensing to any of our material.
  • You should carry out no activity related to Data Extraction, Data Mining, or Data Harvesting.
  • Please do not do any experiment on our website, which restricts the public from accessing it.

Note: If you contravene any of our rules mentioned above, we will terminate our services for you. In case you obtain any confidential information of any of our customers, then it's your responsibility not to manifest their Id/Password or any other private information.


Cloewood reserves all rights to make amendments to this web site's content without giving any notice to its customer.

The following modification might be possible shortly:-

  • We can update the prices of articles at any time.
  • The product description can be modified at any time.
  • We can discontinue any of the services we provided to you at any time.

Note: Visit our website for any future updates. We are not accountable to our viewers for any amendment we make to our website.

Products and services

Our products and services are available only online. Some products might be limited in quantity. So we might cancel one's order at any time. We can also discontinue any of the services we provided to you at any time. It is not guaranteed that our product and services will meet your expectations, but we try our best to provide our customer's best.

Cancellation of order

We do not deliver orders to retailers or dealers. If we found several orders are made from the same account, address, or credit card. We will immediately cancel all of their orders. There is a limitation of product order for each person and household. We can cancel anyone’s parcel anytime for any reason.

You must provide Authentic and accurate information at the time of placement of the order.

Third-Party Link

The website contains several links that lead you to third party content or service. These links are not associated with us, so we are not responsible for any harm or damage caused to you from the third-party website's content.


Once you send any feedback, content, or comment through email or on an online store, then it becomes our property. We will use it in any form without your consent.

Our team is not responsible for:

  • Confidentiality of your comments.
  • To make a response to each of your comments.
  • We can also remove any of your comments, which is against our policies.

Do not make use of abusive or foul language in comments. You are responsible for every comment or content you send to us. Also, do not provide the wrong email or pretend to be someone else.

Agreed to our policies means you will not send any content that may contain a virus or affect the normal working of our website.

Prohibited to use    

You are prohibited from using the content of the website for the following purpose

  • Illegal purpose
  • Do not drag anyone in any unlawful activity.
  • Do not violate federal, provincial, and state rules and regulations.
  • Do not breach our rights.
  • Do not violate intellectual party rights.
  • Do not use abusive or foul language.
  • Harassment or defaming others who are using our platform is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not discriminate based on gender, religion, race, or any other factor.
  • Do not mislead others.
  • Do not send content containing a virus that will affect the normal working of our website.
  • Do not retrieve personal information of anyone from our website.

Note: Any violation of the above-discussed rules from the viewer and linked sites will lead to our services' termination.


Cloewood is not responsible for any incorrect information regarding price tags on the external website.

The price you see on cloewood.com is the only original price that you need to pay during checkout.


Our services are useful but can be cancelled or terminated by the buyer or company. To cancel your order, contact us at care@cloewood.com so we will terminate the processing of the order. If we found any illegal activity from your side, we will immediately restrict your access to our site.

Any Change to Term and Conditions

Any change to our policies and services will be reviewed on this page. Your only responsibility is to check this portion of the website to stay updated.

Contact Information:

For additional queries, call Cloewood customer service at
+1 802 821 0017 or 
email at care@cloewood.com

Our office is located at 3435 Pierce arrow circle, Suwanee, Georgia 30024

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